Walking With Nomads in Morocco, Erg Zehar Sands On 7 Days

Marrakech , Morocco


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With our Walking with nomads in Morocco desert trek. You will go on an incredible journey with Morocco ‘s indigenous nomads. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the ageless customs and knowledge of the indigenous nomadic communities of the Sahara. You will not only be in awe of the desert’s breathtaking beauty. You will enjoy a desert walk among these gentle giants’ untamed landscapes and captivating dunes. But you will also develop a close bond with their vibrant cultural traditions. Our knowledgeable guides many of whom are from these wandering tribes themselves. They will teach you the craft of making traditional food, share engrossing tales, and reveal the secrets of surviving in the desert.

This experience promises to be profound and unforgettable, whether it’s camping beneath the starry Saharan skies. Learning the age-old art of baking bread in the sand, or just taking in the peace and quiet of erg zehar dunes. Come along on this fascinating journey with us to explore the Sahara. And learn about the essence of Morocco’s nomadic past. You’ll come away from this adventure with a lifetime’s worth of memories and a deep appreciation for the magic of the desert.

So let’s explore the rich kaleidoscope of indigenous nomadic life. As we set out on a life-changing trek across the heart of Morocco’s Sahara desert. Joining hands with local communities, we venture on an off-the-beaten-path adventure, tracing ancient routes and uncovering the secrets of a storied past. Our commitment to sustainable and eco-tourism guides every step. Ensuring that our exploration leaves a positive impact on both the environment and the livelihoods of those we encounter. By engaging ourselves in the rhythms of nomadic life. We not only support local economies but also contribute to poverty reduction initiatives.

With a focus on zero carbon footprint, our journey is a testament to responsible travel. Fostering connections with nature and indigenous traditions while safeguarding the delicate ecosystems of this awe-inspiring landscape. Join us as we weave together a tapestry of cultural exchange and environmental stewardship in the timeless sands of erg zehar.

This Camel trekking with Morocco ‘s indigenous nomads can starts from Marrakech – Agadir & Ouarzazate.


  • Transportation go and back from Marrakech/Ouarzazate/Agadir
  • Overnights in nomadic tents
  • Last night at hotel in M'hamid
  • Bottled water
  • Full-board (all meals)
  • Personal expenses and tips
  • Travel insurance

Tour Plan

Departure from Marrakech, in the morning, to reach the village of Mhamid El Ghizlane, at the gates of the desert (455 km, through the Atlas and the Drâa Valley). The journey alone is a real change of scenery between the ochre mountains of the Atlas, and the vastness of the hamada of Draa. Tours and stops offered during the trip: Atlas village, Col Tichka, Ait Ben Haddou, Zagora, pottery Tamegroute.... reach the end of the asphalt road at M’hamid El Ghizlane. From M’hamid, a car will come to take our luggage, so we start walking for about 30min to reach our desert camp where we will enjoy our first night in the desert.
After breakfast, the tents are folded and placed on the back of the camels. The Sahara which spreads out in front of you awaits. Landscapes of Tamaris, the desert bush hinting at the approach to the Middle Ergs. In the distance, you will see the mountains located on the side of Algeria.
During the third day of your Morocco Desert camel trekking, you will continue your walk towards the beautiful dunes of Erg Zehar dunes. At location, we will let the camels rest and we will prepare for the night, after admiring the sunset which you will see only in the desert.
Enjoy the peace and quiet of a free day amid the thrilled Erg Zehar dunes. Here, you can rejuvenate yourself with vigorous yoga and meditation sessions while taking in the everlasting beauty of the Sahara. Experience the art of desert cuisine in the company of nomads during an exciting cooking class where ancient culinary secrets are shared. As the day progresses, get ready for an amazing show as you set out on an adventure to the top of Erg Zehar's dunes to see the sun set into an attracting spectacle. This day provides a perfect balance of cultural immersion, self-discovery, and breathtaking natural beauty, resulting in priceless memories that will stay engraved in your heart.
Certainly, your last night in the desert promises to be a magical culmination of your journey. As the sun sets, you'll gather around a mesmerizing campfire, where the nomads will share their time-honored traditions of baking Taguella bread, or sand bread, in the authentic nomadic way. This delightful experience will offer a unique and delicious insight into the rich nomadic culture and leave you with unforgettable memories of your desert adventure.
As our incredible desert sojourn with the nomads draws to a close, today marks the culmination of our adventure. A robust 4WD will arrive at the mesmerizing Erg Zehar to whisk us away, accompanied by our luggage, for an exhilarating journey through the desert, delivering a thrilling dose of adventure mode. We'll traverse the dunes, wind-swept landscapes, and rugged terrains, savoring every moment of our desert escapade. Our destination is M'hamid, where a haven of relaxation awaits at the hotel, complete with a refreshing pool for you to unwind and rejuvenate. Later, come together for a delightful dinner, savoring the flavors of the desert, and retire to comfortable accommodations in M'hamid. This final day encapsulates the essence of our desert experience, offering a perfect blend of exhilaration, relaxation, and memorable moments that will linger in your heart and memories.
It's time for us to take you to your next location, which could be Agadir, a stunning coastal city, or the energetic city of Marrakech. As we say goodbye, we hope that your stay in Morocco has left you with amazing memories, a deeper understanding of the culture, and a profound appreciation of this amazing nation's beauty. Until we see you again in the future, have a safe journey, and see you soon!

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    Me and my husband love Morocco and we love private guided excursions as it become less crowded and more of an intimate experience. We loved Ismail our guide he is very accommodating and it was a joy listening to him passionately explain about their rich history. We went for a week and it was exactly what we wanted it to be. Morocco Meander are a travel agency we will use again in the future for our next adventure. We stumbled across them on Twitter and must say the personable planning together was outstanding!

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