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Morocco Multi-Day Trips From Fes

Located between the fertile lands of the Saïs and the forests of the Middle Atlas, Fes is the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities. Fes is the embodiment of the country’s history and its spiritual and religious capital and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Morocco’s third-largest city, it consists of Fes el-Bali, the historic centre; Fes el-Jedid, the imperial city of the Merinids; and, located further south, the modern districts created under the Protectorate. 

We use the best 4WD transport on our Sahara tours from Fes; the optimum option to navigate off-road and difficult terrain. Morocco Meander offers desert tours from Fes to Marrakech with local expert guides.
All of your catering requirements are addressed to the greatest standards. You’ll have nothing to worry about and will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views without having to do anything.

You might choose to go on Sahara Desert trips from Fes for a few days or for a lengthier period of up to a week. This will allow you plenty of time to see all of the best desert sites we’ve chosen and get a real sense of the nomadic way of life of the Berber people. And if you’re wondering what to expect on journeys from Fes to the Sahara Desert, we can promise you that there’s plenty to see and do to keep you entertained along the journey.

When traveling to the Sahara Desert from Fes, there will be amazing dunes to climb on foot or by camel, refreshing oases to see, and possible interactions with native Berbers, who have lived in Morocco’s desert regions and elsewhere in North Africa for millennia. To book your Fes trip, please contact our team of local travel consultants immediately!

Why Choose Our Morocco Multi-Day Trips From Fes?

With our carefully planned multi-day adventures departing from Fes, go off on an incredible adventure around Morocco. Experience Morocco’s diverse culture by traveling through historic medinas, lively souks, and magnificent scenery. Our carefully planned itineraries combine leisure and exploration, giving you a window into this fascinating nation. Every day is full of amazing discoveries and experiences, from the vast Sahara Desert to the energetic cities of Marrakech and Chefchaouen. Allow us to be your dependable travel partner on this amazing journey in Morocco, complete with cozy lodging, informed guides, and flawless logistics. Select one of our multi-day excursions departing from Fes and witness the enchantment of Morocco firsthand.


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With Morocco Meander, every moment of your customized Moroccan voyage is tailored to your own preferences. With the freedom to create your ideal Moroccan experience, our custom tours and excursions combine the romance of age-old customs with the thrill of modern exploration. Whether you are drawn to the intricate marketplaces of Marrakech, the tranquil scenery of the Atlas Mountains, or the fascinating past of Fes, our knowledgeable staff guarantees a smooth and engaging travel experience. Take in Morocco's colorful tapestry, where every step exposes a different aspect of this fascinating place. With Morocco Meander, your dream vacation becomes a reality, and you'll make memories that are unique to the nation. There's an adventure just for you! let Morocco Meander be your guide to a truly unparalleled Moroccan experience.
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