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Discover Morocco’s illusion, a North African country that enchants and delights visitors from all over the world. This location offers a variety of fascinating experiences, from its diverse geography to its dynamic cities. Before you set out on your vacation, let’s dispel some myths and answer some frequently asked concerns about traveling in Morocco.

Morocco is home to a number of languages, including Berber, Arabic, and French. The official language is Arabic, but the most widely spoken language is Darjia, a Moroccan dialect of Arabic. Arabic is a language with numerous dialects spoken in North Africa and the Middle East.

Many individuals speak French because Morocco was originally colonized by France. Depending on where you are, you may also hear some Spanish. Please and thank you for learning Arabic and French before you leave. There are many English speakers as well, however keep in mind that not everyone is fluent in the language.

In general, Morocco is regarded as a safe place to visit. It is North Africa’s most politically stable country. It is also a very tourist-friendly country, with the government investing heavily in infrastructure to attract more visitors. Of course, like in many other nations, it is critical to be aware of your surroundings and learn the safest method to navigate.

Before arranging a tour, do your due diligence and research. To avoid a fake guide, book a respected trip online or go exploring on your own. When using ATMs, aim to use those located in hotels or banks. Scammers prefer to congregate near more visible ATMs.

The best time to visit Morocco is either in the spring from March to May or in the fall between September to October. Other months can also be pleasant if you prefer it very hot and sunny or don’t mind the cold.

Morocco is a great vacation for the family with plenty for all ages to enjoy. Take a hot-air balloon ride over Marrakech, explore the Ourika Valley, ride a camel in the Sahara Desert, explore the colourful medina in Fez, and so much more. This moderate Muslim North African country is for all travellers.

Normally there is no problem traveling single. But it important to be aware that western women attracts more attention than they are used to from their western countries.
A good advice is to be friendly repellent and not to affect if you are spoken to by a stranger. And don’t walk around in tiny, dark streets after sunset

Unequivocally yes! Southern Morocco is easy to get to and even as you feel totally lost in the Sahara, civilization is never far away! Our bivouacs are organized to be comfortable and well equipped. Our guides are all accredited professionals who are there to support you and insure optimal security. If you’re looking for more sophistication in the desert, try our charming campsites!

As difficult as you want it to be! There are hikes of every difficulty level so there will certainly be one right for you from breezy strolls to intensive but invigorating treks. All you need to do is ask! Our mountain and desert guides are all officially recognized by the Moroccan Ministry of tourism, and know how to adapt itineraries to suit any walker’s needs. We can even organize your stay in comfortable intimate accommodations and from here you can hike the surrounding area every day at your leisure.

To go on a walking tour in the mountains and desert, an accredited guide is necessary. And for visits of the medinas of bigger cities they are highly recommended. Especially in Fes and Marrakesh, a guide will enhance your cultural and historic understanding with their knowledge, guide you through the mazes of narrow roads to make sure you don’t miss any of the main attractions and protect you from tourist hassling. A bit of advice: make sure your guide sports the badge that official guides are required to wear and that it is real.

Its delicious of course!
Moroccan cuisine is known throughout the word: meat tagines, vegetables, couscous, gazelle horns and other pastries are cooked both at home and in fancy restaurants! And what is there to say about Moroccan mint tea, more of a symbol of goodwill and sharing than a drink!
Fes is the Morocco’s culinary capital: it’s where you’ll find the best traditional recipes: almond and pigeon pastillas, dried apricot or prune tagines…
Test out the wonderful street food: snails, bissara (fava bean soup), or barley soup are perfect for satisfying little hungers while exploring the medina.

Many riads now offer culinary workshops to their clients. Traditional cooks affectionately called “dadas” are eager to share their know-how with travellers. You may yet have the pleasure of feasting upon the product of your own labours and sharing it with your loved ones!
We can reserve a cooking class for you in a stunning setting in the medina.

The range and quality of Moroccan handicrafts are incredible.

The best rule to follow is to always buy artisanal objects in the place where it is made. Forget about the Argan oil in a “cooperative” in the Atlas for example…it is well-known that argan trees only grow along the Atlantic coast from Essaouira to Agadir.

The most beautiful copper comes from Fes, thuya is sculpted in Essaouira, the best babouches (oriental slippers) are in Fes and Marrakech. Silver working is the speciality of Tiznit and Essaouira. Marrakech is where you’ll find the most fragrant spices. When it comes to rugs, the finest are from Rabat. In Marrakech, however, you will find beautiful Kilims.

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