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Once an international city, Tangier has a special character that sets it apart from other Moroccan cities. It has drawn artists and writers, from Henri Matisse to Paul Bowles and writers of the Beat generation. Tangier’s port, dominated by the medina, is the main link between Africa and Europe. With a new road linking Tangier to Rabat and the construction of a new port, the city continues to expand. 

Explore the rich tapestry of history, culture, and scenic beauty with our Tangier-based Morocco Tours. Set out on a voyage that skillfully combines the attractiveness of nearby Spain and Portugal with the fascination of Morocco, appealing to a wide range of tourists, including seniors keen to see Morocco’s wonders and those looking for a multi-country adventure.

Our painstakingly designed itineraries start in Tangier, a historically significant city that served as a crossing point between Europe and Africa. Travelers then set out on an exciting tour of Morocco’s most famous locations, which include the imperial cities of Rabat, Marrakech, and Fez. Take in the alluring maze-like lanes of the historic medinas, where the sound of centuries-old customs and the aroma of spices permeate the air. Our trips offer a full overview of the Iberian Peninsula, easily transitioning into Spain and Portugal for those who wish to continue their journey beyond Morocco’s boundaries. 

We are aware that traveling is about more than just taking in the sights; it’s also about crafting unique experiences that meet the demands of each and every visitor. Our excursions are tailored with elderly citizens in mind, with cozy lodgings, slow-moving itineraries, and knowledgeable guides who make sure the tour runs smoothly. Every location, from the imposing High Atlas Mountains to the tranquil Atlantic coast, has been thoughtfully selected to provide senior visitors unique experiences that are tailored to their interests and capabilities.

Wgy Choose Our Moroco Tours From Tangier?

For a smooth and comprehensive tour of Morocco, Spain, and Portugal, pick one of our tours departing from Tangier. Our painstakingly designed itineraries guarantee that you will see the best that Morocco has to offer. Our trips are tailored to meet the needs of all travelers, regardless of experience level, from seasoned travelers to seniors looking for a slow-paced adventure, and include professional guides, cozy lodging, and well-planned activities. With our Morocco Tours from Tangier, take off on an adventure that perfectly combines culture, history, and the stunning natural surroundings to make memories that will live forever.


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With Morocco Meander, every moment of your customized Moroccan voyage is tailored to your own preferences. With the freedom to create your ideal Moroccan experience, our custom tours and excursions combine the romance of age-old customs with the thrill of modern exploration. Whether you are drawn to the intricate marketplaces of Marrakech, the tranquil scenery of the Atlas Mountains, or the fascinating past of Fes, our knowledgeable staff guarantees a smooth and engaging travel experience. Take in Morocco's colorful tapestry, where every step exposes a different aspect of this fascinating place. With Morocco Meander, your dream vacation becomes a reality, and you'll make memories that are unique to the nation. There's an adventure just for you! let Morocco Meander be your guide to a truly unparalleled Moroccan experience.
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