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With the brilliant whiteness of its lime-washed walls and the sight of women enveloped in voluminous haiks, Essaouira, formerly Mogador, is a quint-essentially Moroccan town and one of the most enchanting places in the country. By virtue of its location on this stretch of the Atlantic coast, where trade winds prevail almost all year-round, the town enjoys a particularly pleasant climate. It is a prime location for surfing, but has managed to escape mass tourism. A mecca for hippies during the 1970s, it is still an artists’ town and is very fashionable with independent travellers.

If you want to spend the most of your Morocco vacation swimming and surfing, Essaouira, which is located halfway along the country’s Atlantic coast, is a great place to base yourself for a desert experience. We at Morocco Meander provide you with an extensive selection of desert trips from Essaouira to Morocco’s two main desert regions.

The largest and most undisturbed desert is found beyond M’hamid, although the most well-known and visited desert attraction is the Erg Chebbi dunes in Merzouga. You may be sure that your desert adventure will be exceptional and unforgettable no matter where you decide to go.

All of our desert trips from Essaouira include camel rides at sunset and an overnight stay in nomadic tents situated amid the dunes. In this driest and most difficult region of the planet, you can enjoy climbing the wind-blown sand dunes of the Sahara Desert and learning about life as a nomadic people. A few of the other sights you will see on any of our desert trips from Essaouira packages are the magnificent Atlas Mountains, verdant valleys, and fortified Kasbahs.

Why Choose Our Desert Trips From Essaouira?

With one of our special desert trips, you may set out on an amazing journey through the captivating scenery of Essaouira. Tucked away on Morocco’s alluring coast, Essaouira provides the ideal fusion of culture, history, and scenic beauty. You may fully immerse yourself in the rich history and stunning scenery of this captivating region with our painstakingly designed desert trips, which highlight the best of it. Travel across the Sahara Desert’s rolling dunes, where golden sands extend as far as the eye can see and a sense of breathtaking tranquility is instilled by the quiet.

Discover the warmth of Berber hospitality by visiting historic communities, enjoying regional food, and interacting with people whose customs have endured for generations. Whether your goal is to discover the hidden gems of Essaouira, have peaceful moments beneath a starry sky, or have thrilling experiences atop a camel’s back, our desert trips offer an unmatched voyage full of wonder and discovery. Allow us to lead you on an adventure that will provide you with lifelong, treasured memories. Select one of our Essaouira desert tours, and watch as the splendor of Morocco materializes before your very eyes.


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