A Sustainable Walking Tour In Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate, Morocco


7 days
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Walking Tour in Ouarzazate: Discover Morocco’s Hidden Valleys on Foot

With this thorough 5 days walking tour in Ouarzazate, on a transforming trip through the heart the beautiful valleys of Morocco. Discovering the obscure gems. Such as, Ounila Valley, Bou Tharar valley or valley of the roses, Ait Sedrate Jbel El Soufla (Monkey Fingers), Draa Valley, also Megdaz. This walking tour in Ouarzazate Promises to be an exciting adventure every day. You’ll traverse challenging terrain, climbing and going down through amazing valleys. Soak in beautiful views of craggy mountains and verdant oases with the help of experienced local guides who know a lot. Who deeply understand the traditions of the area.

You’ll stop along the route to enjoy real meals made by friendly local families, giving you a taste of true Moroccan food and warmth. In your walking adventure, You enthusiastically participate in the complex weaving of cultural exchanges. Immersing yourself in the everyday lives of native Berbers in the heart of these majestic valleys. You learn about their ageless way of life and rituals, weaving yourself into the fabric of their community. Our guides will share the history and natural history of these valleys with you as you stroll. Deepening our understanding of the fragile environment that supports these communities around Ouarzazate.

Beyond this walking tour in Ouarzazate. We actively participate in programs to save the environment and lessen our carbon footprint. Making sure that our presence has a helpful effect on the land and its people. This is our dedication to sustainability and responsible tourism. Come along on this incredible walking journey. Each step we take will serve as a reminder of our respect for the natural world and our commitment to protecting the valleys of Ouarzazate and Morocco in general.


  • Private 4WD vehicle
  • Hotel pick-up and drop off
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Full-Board: All meals (Breakfasts, Lunchs, Dinners)
  • Speaking English & Knowledgeable local guide
  • Mineral water during the hike
  • BBQ lunchs in the wilderness
  • Berber Lunchs with local families
  • Gratuities
  • Flights to and from Ouarzazate
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Extras : Hammam, Massage...

Tour Plan

The first day of your adventure in Ouarzazate begins. When you arrive, our courteous driver will meet you with a warm greeting and take you to your hotel so you can rest and relax after your travels. While you unwind, we'll give you a thorough rundown of the forthcoming walking tour, outlining the thrilling activities you can expect over the next few days. Prepare to be fully engrossed in this exploration's distinctive blend of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and sustainable practices. As we set out on an incredible adventure across Morocco's breathtaking landscapes tomorrow, get some rest and be ready for the exciting hike that lies ahead of you.
The Ounila Valley is a scenic valley located in southern Morocco, stretching from the High Atlas Mountains to the city of Ouarzazate. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, traditional Berber villages, and historic kasbahs (fortified houses or palaces). The valley is characterized by its red sandstone cliffs, which have been eroded over time to form dramatic rock formations and gorges. Along the valley, there are several traditional Berber villages that offer a glimpse into the traditional way of life in Morocco. Some of the most notable villages include Ait Benhaddou, Tamedakhte, and Telouet. So, our hike today will start from the southern slope of the Great Atlas exactly the town of Tajgujite where we meet our local guide, this hike will gradually go up the valley of Telouet by paths carved in a red ochre rock, skirting the magnificent oued Ounila which turns in some places into a canyon with impressive walls. Enjoy the parade of villages of adobe houses inhabited by descendants of Berber tribes, surrounded by green gardens and palm groves. After 3h of walking in the valley and learning about its flora and fauna we arrive at Tizi n’barda where our drivers and cook are waiting to serve us a picnic BBQ lunch with a panoramique view along the river. At the evening our drivers will drop off us as usual to our accommodation in Ouarzazate.
The Draa Valley is composed of a string of six distinct palm groves: Mesguita, Tinsoline, Tarnata, Fasoita, Ktaoua and M'hamid. In the interior of the Draa oasis the palm prevails. The Draa oasis comprise approximately 2,000,000 palms. Several varieties of the palm grow in the Draa Valley, providing a main source of income for the local inhabitants. Almond, apple and apricot trees also grow abundantly. These orchards are highly developed in the region of Agdz. Today our drivers will pick up you from your accommodation in Ouarzazate to the start point of the walk in Kasbah Tamnougalte, that was a meeting place of the representatives of the Sultan authorities (the bosses in this case). The houses are presented as a Ksar and are built around a few kasbahs. Once arriving to the main Kasbah we will have the chance to enjoy a small visit to this kasbah before our hike begins. Lunch today will be different as previous day. Where instead of a picnic, we are treated to a lunch hosted by a local family. After lunch we will continue our walk through Kasbah Timidarte. Here we will have the chance to discover the lifestyles of the local inhabitants by strolling through the palm groves and observing the agriculture of the oasis. This visit will give us also a chance to discover local crafts, the renovation of the Kasbah relied on the expertise of local craftsmen (the potters and woodworkers...). Before sun down we will catch up with our drivers to end this magical hike and go back to your accommodation in Ouarzazate in the late evening.
Today’s hike we visit Megdaz that is located at 1,900 m above sea level, the village of Megdaz is in the heart of the central High Atlas. Our drivers will pick you up in the morning from your accommodation by our 4WD vehicles, then we drive to the start point from your accommodation for approximately 1h30 (81 KLM) directly to the Ifoulou town. From here, you will meet our local guide. Departure for the discovery of the sumptuous views and villages of the Megdaz area, a 2h41min hike at a medium pace with several appreciation breaks and admiration of panoramic views. Megdaz It is an authentic and classic stage in a trek. Megdaz nestles on the mountain side and has all the charm of a Berber village. this hike allows you to discover one of the most beautiful valleys of the high central atlas the valley of Tassaout with its famous village of Megdaz which was classified by the UNISCO as the most beautiful village in Morocco in terms of architecture. This hiking trip resolutely turned towards encounters with the Berbers in the heart of their magnificent remote villages with breathtaking colors. Once we arrive at Megdaz we will serve you with a tasty lunch with one of local families in this magical town. After lunch the drivers will collect you. Finally drive another 81klm back to you accommodation in Ouarzazate.
The breathtaking Valley of Nomads located in Bou Tharar is a beautiful valley where nomads live in caves that are surrounded by Mount Mgoun. Mount Mgoun is the second highest mountain in Morocco and boasts extraordinary views of the rust colored, earthy scenery. Today our hike will start at 9am, our drivers will pick up us to the start point exactly the Agouti gorges where our local guide waits for us. After lunch our three-hour route begins from Agouti gorges to the village of Bou Tharar. A new leg in the same area from the Alemdoun valley up to the valley of the roses, where we will discover a new scenery. Once arriving to Bou Tharar we will have time to admire its panoramic views and have some tea with with a nomadic family, and learn about their lifestyle. Finally we will say goodbye to locals and our guide, then our drivers will collect us and drive to our accommodation In Dades valley.
Ait Sedrate Jbel El Soufla is a mountainous region located in Morocco, and it’s known for its scenic beauty and challenging hiking trails. The best time to visit is during the spring and fall, as the weather is generally mild and pleasant. During the summer, temperatures can get quite hot, and during the winter, snow and ice can make hiking difficult. Today our hike will start after having a royal breakfast in our accommodation in Dades Valley. Our drivers will pick up us to Ait sedrate jbel el soufla to start monkey fingers walk with our local guide and our team. After packing our shoes and get ready then let’s start this interesting hike from the village of ait ouglif then enter to the canyons of the monkey fingers until the oasis of tagbalout and return by the dry river until the gorges of Ait Arbi. Here, the predominant color combination is red and green. The hills on each side of the valley have a dusty rust color and are strikingly punctured by protruding deep vermillion colored rock formations. We will enter the trees and stroll alongside the irrigation channels. The colors, textures, patterns, and bird sounds of this manicured land will capture your attention right away. When viewing from the bottom of the valley, the village’s dwellings appear to mix seamlessly with the slope above. We will find a Plato with troglodyte nomads after gorges. Finally before ending our hike the Ait arbi river will give us the opportunity to see dinosaur footprints right away after descending a track to the river. Two ranges of foot prints are closed to each other. The tour it takes 5 hours of walk including the picnic lunch break. We’ll program the time and the place of lunch break after we get to Ait sedrate jbel el soufla. Note : the dinosaur footprints are a bit far from Ait Arbi village so make sure that if we started the hike late we won’t see that. In the late evening the drivers will collect you to back to your accommodation in Ouarzazate.
After traveling through the gorgeous valleys that encircle Ouarzazate, today provides a much-needed break in this fascinating Moroccan city. There's no better way to relax and revive on a free day than to take advantage of the traditional hammam and massage services provided by the lodging. This immersive experience offers a view into the rich cultural past of the area in addition to physical relaxation. This rest day is the ideal way to cap off the sustainable walking tour of Ouarzazate, enabling you to reflect on the natural beauty and cultural treasures you've encountered along the way.

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3 thoughts on “A Sustainable Walking Tour In Ouarzazate”

  1. 5

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    The walking tour of Ouarzazate with Morocco Meander was fantastic! Beautiful scenery and exciting new experiences awaited us every day. In addition to their extensive geographical expertise, the local guides provided us with intriguing insights into the customs and culture of the valleys we visited.

    The chance to socialize with local families and nomads gave the trip a more intimate feel and made it really remarkable. I was pleased to be a part of an environmentally conscientious vacation experience and valued Morocco Meander’s dedication to responsible tourism. I will never forget this journey, and I can’t wait to travel farther with Morocco Meander in the future!

  2. 5

    • Quality
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    • Price

    From beginning to end, Morocco Meander’s walking tour of Ouarzazate was an incredible pleasure. We were able to thoroughly enjoy the inherent beauty of every valley due to the hiking trails’ good speed and breathtaking scenery. A real sense of Moroccan culture was offered by the traditional dinners with local families, and meeting the indigenous nomads was one of the trip’s highlights. Morocco Meander’s commitment to eco-friendly travel methods struck me, and witnessing their direct attempts to save the environment and uplift the community was motivating. For anyone wishing to fully experience Morocco’s beauty and culture while having a positive influence, I highly recommend this tour.

  3. 5

    • Quality
    • Location
    • Amenities
    • Services
    • Price

    Taking the walking tour with Morocco Meander was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We experienced warmth and generosity from the minute we landed in Ouarzazate. The real lunches with local families were a highlight, showing the amazing flavors of Moroccan food, and our guide gave us detailed information about each region we visited. Learning about the local flora and animals and conversing with native nomads along the trip was incredibly eye-opening. Most significantly, I felt good about our tour’s support of regional communities and environmental conservation. For anyone looking for a meaningful and environmentally friendly travel experience, I heartily recommend Morocco Meander.

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