Agadir Holiday Package: 9 Days of Sun, Canyons & Beaches

Agadir, Morocco


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Immerse yourself in the rich cultures and stunning landscapes of Southern Morocco with our Agadir Holiday Package 9 Days. This tour takes you on a journey to explore the lesser-known treasures of Agadir, where traditional accommodation and authentic experiences await. Wander through villages off the beaten track, indulge in delicious tagine, and visit the historical town of Taroudant. Travel through the striking landscapes of the Plage Blanche and unwind in the seaside haven of Sidi Moussa Aglou. Perfect for travelers looking to discover the diversity of Morocco’s south in a short amount of time, this 9 days tour offers a unique perspective on the region.

As part of the Agadir Holiday Package 9 Days. You will uncover the hidden gems of Agadir and delve into the fascinating world of the Anti-Atlas Mountains’ Ancient Granaries. These old attics are more than simply structures. They stand as a testament to the resourcefulness of the Berber people who built them centuries ago. Carved into the craggy cliffs and slopes, these granaries blend harmoniously with the natural environment, offering a glimpse into a bygone era.

Join us on the Agadir Holiday Package 9 Days as we navigate through the amazing Anti-Atlas Mountains. Where every turn reveals a new facet of its hidden treasures. This is not just a tour; it is an exploration of the soul of Morocco. An adventure into the lesser-known wonders that define the spirit of the Anti-Atlas. Come, be a part of this 9 days extraordinary journey and uncover the magic that awaits beneath the surface.


  • Private 4WD vehicle
  • Airport transfer two-way
  • Daily pick up and drop
  • Multilingual driver/guide
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Half-board : Dinner & Breakfast
  • Water in the car
  • Anti-Atlas hidden gems visits (ancient granaries...)
  • The opportunity to stop anywhere for photos
  • Deliciouas Moroccan food
  • Lunchs
  • Entrance fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses
  • Extra services: Spa...

Tour Plan

Morning departure by 4WD and drive 1h30min from agadir, the regional capital of the South beyond the Atlas to Taroudant, where your guide will wait for you for a city tour in the little Marrakech as tourists call it. Taroudant is a generally peaceful town, except during the annual olive harvest when it is enlivened by itinerant pickers. On its two main squares, Place Assarag and Place Talmoklate, horsedrawn carriages can be hired for a tour of the ramparts, which are 7 km long. Set with bastions and pierced by five gates, they are in a remarkably good state of preservation, a part of them dating from the 18th century. Overnight in Taroudant.
The driver will meet you at your accommodation at 9 AM. start your Morocco Desert Trip by leaving Taroudant behind and head directly to one of the largest ancient granaries: the Inoummar granary and Agadir Imchguiguiln. the Anti-Atlas Mountains provide a stunning backdrop for your exploration, with their jagged peaks and rugged terrain. The contrast between the ancient granaries and the dramatic landscape is a photographer's dream, offering countless opportunities to capture breathtaking moments. From here we drive directly to a nearby local restaurant for a lunch break. After lunch we drive directly to Tafraoute with many stops to admire landscapes and for take some pictures. Overnight in Tafraoute.
After breakfast, your driver will pick you up from your accommodation for a full day trip to the painted rocks of Tafraoute and the gorges of Ait Mansour. From here we are going to start our day trip from the Painted Rocks that stands as a natural desert landscape with an artistic touch. Giant granite boulders were painted bright blue in 1987 by Belgian artist Jean Verame as a tribute to his late wife, and the bright hues are still visible today. Then hite the road through Ait Mansour gorges southeast of Tafraoute, a breathtaking geological ensemble. The Aït Mansour Gorges, 30 km south-east of Tafraout, winds discreetly inside the ancestral mountain range of the Anti-Atlas, between the rocky and arid slopes, proudly stands one of the most beautiful palm groves in the south which offers an Extraordinary Panorama. picturesque climbing villages glued to the cliffs, the Oasis is in permanent greenery, the water is abundant, Almond trees, Palm trees, Olive trees... lunch will be here in a local restaurant with a panoramic view before heading back to Tafraoute for your second overnight at your accommodation.
Today the journey leads you to Tata, crossing the Anti-Atlas, passing through Ait Kine granary. The town of Tata is famous for its many fortified villages and traditional adobe constructions surrounded by palm groves (Indfiane and Agadir Lehna), the result of an architectural technique typical of oases. Ramparts in adobe, towers of gait, narrow or covered passages, courses give these strongholds all their charm. Colossal restoration works, allow today visitors to discover these monuments weakened by time. Overnight in Tata.
Morning departure and drive directly the Akka palm grove which lies north of the village. A dozen ksour are interspersed among the date palms and the pomegranate, fig, peach, apricot and nut trees. On a hill is Tagadirt, a mellah, now in ruins, where the rabbi Mardoch was born in 1883. He discovered ancient rock engravings in the area and accompanied the French ascetic Charles de Foucauld, disguised as a Jew, on his peregrinations. Then stop for lunch in Fam El Hisn before drive for about 2 hours to reach Guelmim, a small settlement of red houses with blue shutters was an important centre on the caravan route from the 11th to the 19th centuries. Today, it is known chiefly for its camel souk. The moussem of Asrir, 6 km southeast, is attended by the Sahraouis, known as the “blue men” because of their indigo clothing. Overnight in Guelmim.
After breakfast in Guelmim, we will drive for about 60 klm west of Guelmim to reach the vast Plage Blanche (white beach) which can be reached along tracks. Once we arrive at the Plage blanche we will also serve you with a picnic lunch in the vast white dunes. After lunch drive directly to Sidi ifni with a scenic minor road in the coast, which it follows until Sidi Ifni. Formerly a Spanish coastal enclave, the town, on the crest of a rocky plateau overlooking the ocean, is buffeted by wind and is often shrouded in sea mist. The colonial style of some of the buildings such as the former Spanish Consulate and the Hispano Berber Art Deco church that is now the law courts gives the town an unusual aspect. Overnight in Sidi ifni.
Our Moroccan driver will collect you from your hotel in Rabat and follow the highway to Tiznit. Located slightly inland from the coast, Tiznit is a small town where the proximity of both the Atlantic and the desert can be felt. In 1881, Sultan Moulay Hassan settled here in order to exert greater control over the Dissident Berber tribes of the Souss. Once we arrive we will have the chance to see the renowned craftsmen of Tiznit those still work with silver here, as the Jews once did, producing chunky Berber jewellery, daggers and sabres with inlaid handles. In the evening we will catch the sunset in Sidi Moussa Aglou 15 km northwest of Tiznit, is a fine beach used by surfers. Caves in the cliffs are used by local fishermen. Overnight in Tiznit.
The Souss Massa National Park extends along the banks of Wadi Massa, which irrigates a large palm grove. This nature reserve, where river and sea water meet, where tides ebb and flow, and where winter temperatures are mild, attracts hundreds of migratory birds. The reed beds on the banks of the wadi are inhabited by greater flamingoes from the Camargue, in southern France, and from Spain, as well as godwit, turnstone, snipe, dunlin, coots, grey heron and many other species. The primary purpose of creating the park was to preserve the bald ibis, a species threatened with extinction. Morocco is home to half the world’s population of this curious bird, which has a pink featherless head. A guided walk in the ornithological reserve. Accompanied by a specialist, we set off for a splendid three-hour walk along the river that flows into the ocean. Overnight in Massa National Park.
Road to Agadir airport (1h), end of your Agadir and Anti-Atlas Tour.

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4 thoughts on “Agadir Holiday Package: 9 Days of Sun, Canyons & Beaches”

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    As a history enthusiast, the ancient Berber granaries of the Anti-Atlas were high on my bucket list. Morocco Meander made it possible for me to not only see these incredible structures up close but also learn about their rich history. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and shared fascinating insights about the granaries and the people who built them. The engravings on the rocks were like a window into the past, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Morocco Meander truly knows how to uncover the hidden gems of this stunning region.

  2. 5

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    Morocco Meander introduced me to the Anti-Atlas Mountains’ hidden wonders. The ancient Berber granaries tucked away among the rocks looked like they were straight out of a history book. Exploring these architectural marvels was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With their verdant oases and startling animals, the valleys we climbed through were nothing short of beautiful. But it was the ancient inscriptions on the rocks that blew my mind – a testament to the eternal vitality of this region. Morocco Meander enabled me to witness these hidden beauties firsthand and create memories that will last a lifetime.

  3. 5

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    • Price

    Ismail’s journey through the Anti-Atlas was eye-opening. We set out on a voyage through time and environment, discovering ancient Berber granaries that appeared to be a closely guarded secret. Ismail’s enthusiasm for the region’s history and his ability to connect us to its rich cultural legacy inspired and moved us. This was a truly hidden treasure.

  4. 5

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    • Price

    Ismail expertly escorted us around the Anti-Atlas’s hidden treasures. His extensive knowledge of the region’s historic Berber granaries, tranquil valleys, and enthralling rock engravings really enhanced our experience. Ismail’s enthusiasm for sharing this extraordinary place’s cultural and natural legacy shined through every step of our journey.

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