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Tangier, Morocco


7 days


Morocco is not a sightseeing powerhouse. You do not need to spend hours meandering between attractions to experience what the city provides. Morocco is alive in its old-world atmosphere, and you can feel and live out the tradition just by sitting on a balcony and absorbing all the sounds and smells. Here, you can travel slowly and absorb four very different imperial cities of Morocco in just one week of travel. Handcrafted for seniors travelling to Morocco. This one week luxury Morocco trip will lead you behind the scenes in five exceptional destinations with local guides that lead the way to exotic atmospheres while providing intriguing narratives.

You will journey from the extreme north to the center of Morocco over the course of 7 days. Stopping at each of the four imperial cities of Morocco. After taking a flight to Tangier, you will spend the night in Chefchaouen. An old mountain town with streets painted in various shades of blue, to start your carefree journey. It’s a site to behold, and it will serve as a convenient means of acquainting yourself with the customs of the region before venturing into the large souks and walled cities. Your journey to Meknes, the most artisanal of the old cities, where every structure is like a gallery and every street a voyage through color. Will be marked by magnificent Roman ruins.

The largest of the ancient cities is Fez, where you will stay inside the walls of the city and be surrounded by a wide variety of sights, sounds, and fragrances. At every step, you will be able to sense the atmosphere. On the fourth day, you will stop briefly in Rabat, a quaint town with a modern perspective on the world, before moving on to Casablanca. In this regard, the Hassan II Mosque is a monument that can be compared to any of the most famous places of worship on earth.

Your last destination is Marrakech, a place of mysterious souks and blazing red sandstone. Tradition appears to permeate every area of this place. Marrakech maintains its traditional balance with storytellers, drummers, Islamic schools, and its Jewish Quarter. You will spend two nights at a converted palace where you will be surrounded by furnishings that date back five centuries. You can see the most of the city’s attractions in two days without sacrificing the leisurely pace that characterizes your one week vacation of Morocco. This is a nation with gorgeous architecture, a quaint culture, and delectable food, despite the abundance of sites.



  • Private air-conditionned vehicle
  • Professional speaking English driver/guide
  • Daily hotel pick up and drop off
  • Private airport transfers two-way
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 6 breakfasts
  • Water in the vehicle
  • Licensed guide in Fez & Marrakech
  • Mineral water in the vehicle
  • Lunchs & Dinners
  • Travel insurance
  • Soft drinks
  • Entrance fees
  • Tips

Tour Plan

Arriving by plane in Tangier gives you flexibility when starting your week-long trip of Morocco. Though not much of the once-famous harbor city remains, it serves as an easy starting point for a visit to Chefchaouen, the most delightful destination in all of Morocco to spend a night. Chefchaouen will make a welcome first stop following your flight because it's small, with a medina you can walk around in less than half an hour. Place Outa el Hammam, the main square, is a great place to relax and people watch while the call from the mosque minarets echoes poignantly.
Near Fes, Volubilis stretches across a lush valley. Morocco's imperial cities have a vastly different history from this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a great beginning point for understanding the history of the entire nation. You'll drive to Meknes, the most creative city in the nation, following a private walking tour. Here, you may truly take your time to discover the wonders of the city's traditional architecture, especially the souks and mosques that date back a millennium. Meknes is the most manageable old city for older visitors; you may spend most of the afternoon discovering its marvels, and then head on to adjacent Fes to spend the night deep in the medina.
The biggest walled city in the world is Fez. Since you will be lodging inside the historic medina in the bustling hub of the city's traditional district, location is crucial for a positive stay. You can explore a labyrinth of souks, tanneries, circular stone wells, and ancient buildings by taking any way from here. It should be noted that you will be in the largest urban car-free area in the world, which means you will have to walk in Fez. It will be effortless to meander among the medina's hidden gems once you sense the buzz. In addition to not bothering visitors who are accompanied by guides, your local guide will be able to provide you with all the insider information and tales from the city.
See other regional specialties before departing Fez, like the tile and ceramics portions of the souk, which is where the city's geometric mosaics are made. After that, you will get the opportunity to see Rabat, an enchanting and relatively unexplored capital city where Islamic and Roman influences coexist. As you pass past the opulent Kasbah of the Udayas, you will be greeted by a picturesque panorama of lush gardens and streets painted blue. Rabat is small enough, like Meknes, to explore in about an hour. That way, you have three or four hours to take your time, pause for a mint tea, and hear tales that encapsulate the spirit of the city. After that, you'll take a quick journey to Casablanca, where you'll stay the night at a contemporary area of Morocco.
The tallest structure in the nation is undoubtedly the minaret of the Hassan II Mosque, which rises about 700 feet above the waters. You will get a guided tour of the area which is open to non-Muslims before taking a private transfer to Marrakech, the fourth of your imperial towns. Fes has an Arab past, while Marrakech is a Berber city, thus there are a lot of differences between the two cities' looks and vibes. You will be taken on a tour of Berber heritage by a local guide. You will also be introduced to the art of storytelling, which is another tradition. An engaging storyteller will start your adventure with a chapter that could last well into the night.
You can spend a whole day in Marrakech exploring the souks and architecture. The city's famous dried dates may be sampled by following your nose to bakeries, where you can also hear the tap-tap-tap of blacksmiths, stroll through the lanes lined with slipper merchants, and smell the spices in the spice market. You'll have a tour from the area with you in the souks, so plan on spending the whole morning taking it all in. It is your choice which way to turn in the afternoon. As a last taste of imperial tradition to cap off your week in Morocco, you might opt to eat this evening at a traditional rooftop restaurant.
Sadly, you have to depart today after seven days of personalized excursions and deeply engaging Moroccan experiences. You won't be leaving before spending one last morning exploring the souks or taking in the splendor of the Koutoubia Mosque. We will make arrangements for a late check-out, and in the early afternoon, you will be driven to the airport.

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